Happy Turkeys

20161123_115809.jpgHappy Thanksgiving to all you little turkeys out there. After we created our own little Cookie Turkeys using Oreo cookies, a Rollo, a malt ball and candy corn we enjoyed our interactive Five Little Turkey Felt Magnet Board Song. And then we gobbled to the table and began our feast after singing our Gobble—Gobble Song. We savored turkey, olives, cranberries & raisins, mixed nuts, brownie bites, blueberries, juicy apples, dried fruit, pretzel crisps, cheddar cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, muffins, Bugles, pumpkin pie with whipped cream (of course), cranberry juice and eggnog. And then we got to relax our little turkey bellies by watching A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving and The Mayflower Voyagers. This year I am thankful to have a lovely new dream house, to live near my mom, to have a remarkably generous friend (Terry Schimke) and amazing brothers ( Christopher Phipps in particular) who have gone above and beyond to help my dream come true. And I am also thankful for my unbelievable wonderful conscientious parents who have raised such adorable, funny and intelligent little turkeys. I am in Chico where I belong, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!!! Happy Turkey/Tofurkey Day Chico and Orland!

Our Preschool Curriculum

KIDS FIRST is designed and structured as a center-based program. A maximum of six students are enrolled at one time, creating an opportunity for children to receive rich individualized instruction, thereby allowing them to reach their full potential.

Our curriculum components are Circle Time, Themes, Language Development, Reading Readiness, Math Readiness, Learning Centers, Art/Science/Cooking, Music, Sign-Language and Motor Movement. The purpose of these components is to provide an educational atmosphere in which children are encouraged to be productive and creative, developing an appreciation for education and a love of learning, educating the whole child—cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically. Emphasis is placed on learning through manipulative toys.

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