Preschool Graduation Ceremony 2018

Best. Ceremony. Ever. Thank you to every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling and friend who showed up to celebrate their Teddy Bear Class student graduate. The turn out was amazing and the event a total success. I love my flowers, Felicia Ann, and my Iced Tea Drink Cup with an awesome quote, Heather Waddle

; “Some pursue happiness, others create it.” Nice! We all sure missed Maverick! Shout out to you buddy. Hope you feel better…Hugs!

Hawaiian Luau 2018

Aloha! Our end of the school year HAWAIIAN LUAU for all children who’ve earned their “Pin of Honor” was a total success!
With traditional Hawaiian music playing in the background we began our festivities by playing with Beach Balls and Hula Hoops and creating fabulous looking Sun Visors earning a Treat Bag. And then we participated in a Limbo event & performed our Hula Dance routine. After that, we sang our wonderful Humuhumunukunukuapu’a song about the famous Hawaiian fish while wearing our Fish Hats earning a variety of ocean creatures. This led us to our feast of Hawaiian Pizza, Barbecue Chips, Whale Crackers, Colorful Jell-O, Fruit Kabobs, Sprinkled Cupcakes, Chocolate Pretzel Rods and Hawaiian Punch. And a special thank you to Aiden for bringing a pineapple and mangoes…yum and how apropos–Christine Hagedorn. Aloha!