Guess what? Kids First is ENROLLING NOW! There are TWO openings coming up in August. I know! How exciting! Do not miss out on this great opportunity for your child. Text me today to get a guaranteed spot or set up an appointment to tour the facility after hours: MISS LORI 530.321.2784.

KIDS FIRST LEARNING CENTER—license #045406946—was established in 1999 and relocated to the beautiful community of Chico in 2016. This preschool has a five-star rating on and Yelp, and is designed to meet the needs of fully potty-trained young children between the ages of 2—5 years old. The program is open Monday—Friday 7:30am-5:30pm.

Miss Lori Jean Phipps is a certified preschool center-based director and teacher with over 30+ years’ experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. She not only achieved an Associates of Arts degree, but also completed 40 + early childhood educational units—16 E.C.E units as well as the essential 24 state required early childhood education courses and completion of 150 + college credits in psychology, theater, sign-language, and English—possesses a current C.P.R and First Aid Certificate and has worked in various preschool centers teaching children before becoming an owner and director in 1999.

Kids First is designed around the belief that a child’s self-image is the most important ingredient in the learning process; believing that play is vital to a child’s learning and each child is unique in his or her mental capacities, emotions, skills, and interests. The center offers experiences that will enrich and enhance each child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and creative development. We offer a balance of self and teacher-directed activities, so that the child may develop a positive self-concept. Opportunities for solitary play as well as group activities are provided. We respect the parents right as the primary and most important provider of care and nurturing and believe that together, parents and teachers can provide children with a feeling of self-competence and instill important cognitive concepts and promote sharing and cooperation.

All children at Kids First Learning Center must be potty trained in order to attend. The program is not designed to meet the needs of children in diapers.

The standard recommended age range levels for developmental placements are as follows;

Beginner Level                  2½—3

Intermediate Level             3—4½

Pre-Kindergarten Level     4½—5

Kids First Learning Center curriculum components are Circle Time, Themes, Language Development, Reading Readiness, Math Readiness, Learning Centers, Art/Science/Cooking, Music, Sign-Language and Motor Movement. The purpose of these components is to provide an educational atmosphere in which children are encouraged to be productive and creative, developing an appreciation for education and a love of learning, educating the whole child—cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically. Emphasis is placed on learning through manipulative toys.

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny was HERE! 🐰🐇 He not only filled our Easter Baskets full of fun treats, but he also hid candy-filled eggs for us to search for! Our party started off by creating adorable “Easter Paintings & Felt Bunny Magnets” and performing the Bunny Hop Dance all the way to play “Pin the Tail on the Bunny” where we got to win a Treat Bag & Bunny Paddle Toy. And then we did the movement activity “I am Bunny Pink Ears” earning a Chocolate Bunny Treat. And then we engaged in a romping good time playing “Bunny Bingo” and “Bunny Match” earning a Soft Friend & Wind-Up Toy. Then it was on to our special snack feast of baby carrots, bunny crackers, mermaid fruit snacks, Easter cupcakes, sprinkled cookies, blue Jell-O, mixed berry D’Animals, kiwi berry drinks and our own Easter Eggs that we decorated!. And then we went on our Easter Egg Hunt! What a fabulous party. Happy Easter to all you little bunnies out there.