“We were lucky to have Miss Lori in Orland for many years and my daughter spent two wonderful years at Kids First! Miss Lori is a one in a million teacher and mentor for little ones! The K-12 system is picking up social-emotional learning as a critical component. If your child goes to Kids First, they will be role models of behavior for their future peers.”

Heather Chavez

“Miss Lori was exactly what my children needed to prepare for school. She’s kind, funny, structured and full of fun! My son is 12 now and still loves talking about her program and my daughter wishes she’d becoming a teacher at her school.”

Crystal Everest

“My son spent two years at Kids First, he is now 22 and Miss Lori still gets brought up in our conversations. She does not just teach preschool it is her life’s passion. I’ve never met someone more devoted to what they do. She faces everyday with enthusiasm and a big smile on her face. Kids First is such a well-structured and fun learning environment. Miss Lori is simply the best!”

Julie Buls Garzoli

“Miss Lori is a great teacher and a wonderful person inside and out. I’m thankful that I was able to start my first years of schooling with her! I highly suggest enrolling your child with Kids First, not only are you making a great decision now, but you’re also making a decision that will impact your child’s future. Thanks for all that you’ve done for me Miss Lori!”

Jack Emanuel

“Miss Lori had my grandson for two years- unique learning experiences, loads of love, lots of safety! I’d have more grandkids if they could go to her for preschool!”

Elizabeth Watling

“My girls went to this preschool! She’s since moved to Chico and she currently has spots open. I highly recommend her, she’s the best!”

Sarah Ball

“My daughter Brooklyn Briggs graduated from this preschool run by Lori Jean Phipps (originally in Orland Ca., now in Chico Ca.,) and she is the BEST PRESCHOOL TEACHER in NorCal! My daughter did very well in school in Central Cali, now attends Chico State, was on the Dean’s List last semester and is thriving.”

Danielle Perryman

“All I can say is that Miss Lori is the most awesome preschool teacher that I have ever known! She loves her job and she loves her children; it can’t get better than that! These children are the luckiest preschool children in the world that they have Miss Lori and all these beautiful memories! Thank you, Miss Lori for taking the time for all these beautiful children I know they love you and you love them!”

—Cheryl Santos

“You are and will always be in my eyes the best Pre-School teacher ever. My daughter was Ms. Lori’s Kids First Learning Center first set of students in 2002. She has the same energy and creativity. Lori, in all honesty, I can say you played a tremendous part in who she has become. Thanks so much for the solid foundation you set. Rebecca is off to Holy Names University. She will be attending a 4 year nursing program graduating with a nursing degree and BS. She couldn’t have done it without you.”

 —Lourdes Ramirez-Lanzarin

“Oh honey, you deserve all five stars! You are simply the best there is out there. I wish I was four and could party with you. Looks like so much fun!”

—Brittany Stidham

“You bring Love and Education to our children. You are a great person and role model.”

—Marc Thompson

“When my daughter was two years old she would cry on the weekends because she wanted to go with Miss Lori. Miss Lori is wonderful. Both my son and little brother went to her and still love her.”

—Julia Daniels

“Miss Lori is the most amazing, fun, patient and loving teacher!”

—Candice Smile

“You are awesome! Damian is very lucky to have you in his life!! Thank you for making him feel special!”

—Maria Nogales

“You do such a good job! It’s awesome that you are out there being such a positive influence on your kids. It’s very important also. It helps moms be better!”

Likelee Snook

“You are so amazing! Your students learn so much with your clever on hands teaching! My girls are so thankful as am I that they were able to have you in their early years! You are SOOO loved!”

—Marea Thompson

“Jovanni, Daniel and I are very appreciative of all your hard work with the kids! Jovanni has loved every minute of school because of you! Thank you!!”

—CaSandra Ortiz

“We are so thankful for all you have done for us these past five years! You are an amazing woman Miss Lori!”

—Sarah Ball

“Thank you for being an amazing teacher!! I couldn’t be happier with having Isabelle in your class.”

—Jeanne Joanette

“Those kids are so lucky. You’re so fun! You spoil those kids rotten and I love it! You sure know how to make everyone feel so special.”

—Frances Alston

“I want to be in your class! You guys have so much fun! These kids are so lucky to have you, Lori. You are so loving and nurturing! You are building the future generation! Thank you for the love and confidence you instill in them every day!”

—Jenese Thorup

“I remember when I went there myself!!!! Thanks Miss Lori for a great 3 years of my life.”

—Alison Kochems