Blast From The Past

Enrolling Now!!! Sign up for the Summer Program OR get on the waiting list to be guaranteed a spot for August/September when the Preschool Academic Program resumes. Currently 5 spots open. Call or Text today: 530-321-2784 Miss Lori

Kids First was established in 1999 and has an academically rich early childhood educational environment that promotes moral integrity and creative expression. Our center has a five star rating on & yelp and is designed and structured identical to a center-based program. A maximum of six students enrolled at one time create an opportunity for children to receive rich individualized instruction, thereby allowing them to reach their full potential.



Preschool Graduation 2017

Preschool Graduation 2017 (eighteenth annual commencement) of The Teddy Bear Class rocked! What an awesome, magical and extraordinary celebration. Congratulations to all you brilliant kindergartners to be, Violet, Jordan & Brody; and to our Intermediate level genius, Dante (we missed you!); and our outstanding First Grader, Henry. I know you all will succeed in life! Here’s to your bright futures ahead. I feel so grateful to have had such compassionate, intelligent, conscientious parents with creative, talented, funny and bright children. I feel very welcome in Chico and I’m super excited to be teaching in such a lovely and friendly community.

Hawaiian Luau Celebration!

Aloha!!! Our end of the school year HAWAIIAN LUAU for all children who’ve earned their “Pin of Honor” was a total success!
With traditional Hawaiian music playing in the background we began our festivities by playing with Beach Balls and then creating fabulous looking Sun Visors earning a Treat Bag & Fish Fruit Gummies. And then we participated in a Limbo event & performed our Hula Dance routine. After that, we sang our wonderful Humuhumunukunukuapu’a song about the famous Hawaiian fish while wearing our Fish Hats earning a special Solar Dancing Whale. This led us to our feast of Hawaiian Pizza, Mini Corn Dogs, Barbecue Chips, Macaroni Salad, Whale Crackers, Colorful Jell-O, Fruit Kabobs, Sprinkled Cupcakes, Lemonade and Hawaiian Punch. After our Hawaiian feast, we relaxed and watched a funny Beach Movie: The Reef—a fantastic end to a remarkable celebration. Aloha!