Monthly Tuition Schedule

SPECIAL EXTENDED OFFER: Every NEW student who enrolls receives 20% off their first month’s tuition!

*NO Registration Fees, Annual Fees OR Hold Fees.

Monday–Friday                                                                                     1st Month Discount

Preschool & Childcare Program  7:30am—5:30pm       $580             $464

Preschool Morning Program   7:30am—12:30pm          $500              $400

Childcare Afternoon Program   12:30pm—5:30pm       $500              $400

Childcare After-School Program   2:00pm—5:30pm    $300 (School-Age Child ONLY) [20%discount not applicable]

*10% discount offered every month for enrollment of second child, same family

*Tuition is DUE by the 1st of every month.  There is a grace period of 3 days.

Three Acceptable Options for TUITION payment: 1) Cash or  2) on Facebook via Direct Deposit or  3) Check payable to Lori Jean Phipps

If no payment is received by the 3rd, a fee of $10.00 (per day) will be charged until payment is received.