💖Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone! 💖

For our pinkalicious affair we painted a WOODEN HEART CRAFT and DECORATED A HEART COOKIE to win a Heart Tube of M&M’s. Then we played a riveting HEART MATCH GAME and won a special Teddy Bear Friend! Afterward we played FIND THE VALENTINE and won a Treat Bag! Then we sang “I Love You” with Barney and checked out our special valentines from our classmates. Then it was on to devouring Valentine cupcakes, grape Jell-O, delicious red apples, Scooby Doo snacks, sweethearts, fun dip, rainbow fruit roll-ups, potato chips, strawberry D’animal smoothies and pink milk. And then we proceeded to enjoy watching a valentine movie: Madly Madagascar! Thank you to all the kids and their parents, the Valentines were spectacular this year!