Happy Valentine’s Day!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE—may it be extra sweet!
Once again we celebrated our pinkalicious affair with pizazz. We began by playing a riveting valentine match game, and then sang “I Love You” with Barney and checked out our special valentines from our classmates. Then it was on to devouring sweethearts, heart shaped sandwiches, Valentine cupcakes, heart gummies, pink marshmallows, frosted cookies, sprinkled M&M pudding, fruit punch and strawberry smoothies. And then we proceeded to enjoy watching a valentine movie: Madly Madagascar, after heading outside to play “Find the Valentine.” Thank you to all the kids and their parents, the Valentines were spectacular this year! And a special thanks for my unexpectedly cute gifts—Dove chocolates (my favorite!) and violets from Violet—how apropos. I LOVE EVERYTHING! Have a Beary Happy Valentine’s Day all you love-bugs out there. Love, the Teddy Bear Class.