Kids First; the school where Teddy Bears know how to party!

Enrolling Now! (530) 321-2784
2117 Zuni Avenue – Chico, California , 95926

5 thoughts on “Kids First; the school where Teddy Bears know how to party!”

  1. Hi Sue! I sent you a personal e-mail, yesterday, with some details. I hope that you received it. You can also view more pictures and comments by other parents of children who attended my school on my Facebook page: kidsfirst.learningcenter. Also feel free to text me anytime with any questions. 530-321-2784. And I hope you consider stopping by the school during operation hours. The children are resting from 130pm-230pm so the best time is anytime before or after that. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for inquiring.


  2. Hi, I am Jenny James. I have a back ground in child development. I would like a job with children. Please let me know.


    1. Hi Jenny! That’s wonderful. The reward from working with preschool age kids is priceless. Unfortunately, my center is quite small and only requires one teacher. You may want to seek out employment at Laura’s Daycare. She operates an exceptional program. Good luck on your future in teaching.

      Miss Lori


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