Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween from KidsFirst LearningCenter. Aaaahhh! Little monsters have taken over the preschool! Luckily, they respond positively to candy. We are open to the public today so come on by and meet these wonderful super heroes and Trick or Treat between 3:00-5:30pm. We’re enjoying another year of wild green monster fun. We began with our story Skeleton Hiccups, and then went on to silly games including the Monster Mash Pumpkin Walk winning a pumpkin flashlight, the Pin the Hat on the Wacky Witch earning a treat cup, and then dancing to The Purple People Eater song while playing the Haunted House Bean Bag Toss to win a treat bag. Then we headed to our huge Halloween feast; green apples, orange cheese on rice crisps, purple witches brew, black bat raisins, colorful Jell-O, Halloween cupcakes, wacky cookies followed with icy cold monster chocolate milk—and then we plan to wind down the activities with The Wizard of Oz and Witches in Stitches. Have a super Happy Halloween all you lovely creatures!halloween2016-2.jpg

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