Happy Easter!

Bring. It. On. Easter fun, here we come. Be on the lookout for bunny tracks! We know the Easter bunny was already here because he filled our baskets full of treats. And according to his note he hid candy-filled eggs for us to search for—yay!!! Our party started off by creating adorable “Easter Basket Door Hangers”, and then with the “Bunny Hop” song resonating in the background our hopping feet did the Bunny Hop Dance all the way to play “Pin the Tail on the Bunny” where we got to win a hopping baby chick. And then we did the movement activity “I am Bunny Pink Ears” earning a chocolate bunny treat. And then we engaged in a romping good time playing “Bunny Bingo” and “Bunny Match” earning a soft bunny friend. Then it was on to our special snack feast of carrots with Ranch dip, colorful eggs we dyed, cheddar bunny crackers, spring cupcakes, Easter cookies, vanilla pudding and grape juice. After we gorged our little bodies we remembered that the Easter bunny had visited and hunted for Easter eggs! Sugar high here we come! A ginormous thank you to Brody for my lovely flowers! (ginormous is his favorite word) Just WOW! They are gorgeous, and really added something special as a centerpiece. Thank you. Happy Easter to all you little bunnies out there.

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