Happy Valentine’s Day

 KF VDAY PIC 11KF VDAY PIC 2KF VDAY PIC 3KF VDAY PIC 4KF VDAY PIC 6KF VDAY PIC 7KF VDAY PIC 10Once again we celebrated our pinkalicious Teddy Bear class affair by reading the stories: “Pinkalicious Flower Girl “and “Valentine Cats”, and  playing a riveting Valentine Match Game; earning a special Teddy Bear Friend! Afterward we played Find the Valentine, and won a Treat Bag. Then we sang “I Love You” with Barney and checked out our special valentines from our classmates. Then it was on to devouring cookies we decorated ourselves, cupcakes, sweethearts, frosted cookies, vanilla pudding, red juicy apples, Danimals Yogurt Smoothies, fruit punch and special cupcakes from Mindy Lyn & Shane Mariluch, and sprinkled soft cookies from Breann Montz. Thank you—both were a big hit. And then we proceeded to enjoy watching a valentine movie: Madly Madagascar! Thank you to all the kids and their parents, the Valentines were spectacular this year! HAPPY VALENTINE’S TO ALL. I hope all your celebrations are as special.


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