Aloha! 🌴🥥🥰

Celebrating our end of the school year HAWAIIAN LUAU for all students who’ve earned their “Pin of Honor” was a total blast! With traditional Hawaiian music playing in the background, we began our festivities, doing a hula dance and coloring a wooden fish to earn a flamingo friend. Then we played Aloha Bingo earning a toy shark. Then we decorated our Sun Visors and won a treat bag and performed our Humuhumunukunukuapua’a song (wearing our Fish Hats), earning a splash ball. After that we had the best time doing the Limbo Activity. This led us to our feast of Hawaiian Pizza, Potato Chips, Jell-O, Fruit Kabobs, Sprinkled Cupcakes and Hawaiian Punch. After our delicious meal we relaxed and watched a fun Movie. Aloha!


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