Happy Halloween!

We had another successful HALLOWEEN BASH in the KIDS FIRST Teddy Bear Class! We heard our hilarious Skeleton Hiccups book, and then the wild rumpus began. We danced to the Walking Through the Cemetery Song during our Pumpkin Walk contest, winning a Pumpkin Light Stake, played a Witch Hat Ring Toss Game, earning a Treat Bag, and then spun around in circles for our Pin the Witch Hat on the Big Orange Pumpkin, earning a cute Mini Pumpkin! The Purple People Eater, Witch Doctor and The Monster Mash songs brought us into the Halloween spirit while we feasted on our Halloween appropriate snacks; Finger cheese sticks, red Dracula strawberries, green monster apples, black bat raisins & blackberries, green Frankenstein Jell-O, purple people eater Juice, pumpkin patch cheese balls, chips, cupcakes and Halloween cookies. And then winding down the activities by watching Alvin & the Chipmunks Meet the Wolf Man made it all that.

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