Happy Turkey Day! Our little turkeys had ourselves a gobble of a good time. We created our own little Cookie Turkeys: using Oreo cookies, Rollo’s, malt balls and candy corn for our edible decoration and created pinecone turkey centerpieces to take home. For our events; we played the match game: “Turkey-Turkey”, winning a prize, and then we sat down to savor a yummy feast of turkey, olives, cranberry raisins, mixed nuts, blueberries, delicious strawberries, sweet raspberries, juicy apples, cheddar cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, mandarin oranges, M&M cookies, brownie bites, fruit roll-ups, peanut butter, corn on the cob, party cake muffins, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, grape juice and eggnog. And then we got to relax our little turkey bellies by watching A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving and The Mayflower Voyagers. This year I am thankful to all of my past preschool parents who have supported me on my relocation to Chico, their kids who I miss every day and to my current preschool parents who have been super supportive during this pandemic…I couldn’t be here without you! I am grateful to all of you and look forward to the year ahead. Thank you!!!

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