Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥️💌💓🥰🏩💒💘💖❣️

We started our Valentine’s Day Party by first coloring a WOODEN HEART CRAFT and DECORATING A HEART COOKIE to win a Heart Tube of M&M’s, Treat Bag and a Mailbox. Then we played a riveting HEART MATCH GAME and won a Treat Cup & Box of Chocolates and played VALENTINE BINGO and won a Soft Monkey Friend! Then we sang “I Love You” with Barney and checked out our special valentines from our classmates. Then it was on to devouring Valentine cupcakes, strawberries, delicious red apples, Scooby Doo snacks, butterscotch pudding, applesauce, a marshmallow heart sweetheart mix, peanuts & raisins, and strawberry milk. And then we proceeded to enjoy watching a valentine movie: Madly Madagascar! And to wind down the festivities we read a “Pinkalicious” story and “Valentine Cats”. Thank you to all the kids and their parents, the Valentines were spectacular this year!

A special thank you to Theodore for the gorgeous flowers and special candle, and to Malcolm for the nifty Valentine wooden spoons and dishtowel, and to Avery for the cute pink Love-Bug. I feel so loved!!!


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